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Welcome to Mills Electrical Supply

     Since 1953, Mills Electrical Supply has been providing people from the city of Rome and all the surrounding areas high quality lighting and electrical service. Mills Electrical offers indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical supplies and most importantly customer service and knowledge. The highly knowledgeable and caring staff at Mills Electrical is here to help both residential and commercial customers, as well as contractors, with all their questions and needs. With an extensive lighting showroom which includes hundreds of fixtures on display at all times, both interior and exterior, Mills Electrical is a great place to start your journey of finding quality lighting for your home, business or rental property. We also have a large warehouse stocked with a vast amount of products you will need for all your residential and commercial electrical needs. Call or stop in today and see why we have been around and still going strong after over 60 years in business! 

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LED Light Bulbs
LED Edison Bulbs
LED Retrofits
LED Razor Lights
PVC Conduit
Service Entrance Cable
Switches & Receptacles
Electrical Fittings

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Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm. Closed Saturday & Sunday

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